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    Shiatsu for Life
    a new beginning
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    The basic and most important
    principle underlying Health is the
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    Dario GrassoShiatsu Practitioner 250.307.5881

Shiatsu for Life

Dario Grasso Shiatsu Practitioner Vernon, BC
Chair Massage

Bring comfort and ease to your workplace.

  • Reduce stress by releasing neck, shoulder fatigue and tension
  • Reduce eyestrain and headaches
  • Better posture
  • Improve level of concentration and productivity
Special Events

For any occasion, give the gift of health.

Shiatsu for
  • Workplace
  • Bridal showers
  • Romantic evening
  • Guests and Clients
Flexible Locations

On location and mobile services.

  • Red Bird Acupuncture
    3001 25 street, Vernon, BC
    (250) 308-9886
  • Mobile to your home

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Benefits ALL

Restores and maintains the body's energy. Ideal for those suffering from fatigue, and fibromyalgia.
Digestive System
Facilitates elimination of toxins and improves absorbtion of nutrients.
Sleep Disorders
Helps those dealing with insomnia. Shiatsu massage identifies specific points useful for promoting sleep.
Emotional System
Helps in treatment of depression, and irritability. Shiatsu treatments helps balance the mind and body which can lead to more calm emotional states.
Reduces problems with stiff neck and shoulders as well as chronic back pain, including sciatica.
Immune System
Strengthens immune system and helps to regulate the endocrine system.
Brings relief from headaches and tension.
Brings relief to arthritis sufferers.
Respiratory System
Helps with chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinus problems.

Dario Grasso

Shiatsu Practitioner

Certified by the Accademia Shiatsu Do, Milano - Italy.

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